The Best Mobile Games

Mobile games are predominantly flooded by less ambitious productions. However, there are some which are worth investing our time. This article covers some of them.

Warhammer Quest
This game is an adaptation of a fantastic board game from Games Workshop. Action takes place in a dark land called the Old World. The player controls a team of 4 heroes and will fight hordes of monsters in expanded dungeons. As they pass by, they collect gold, powerful items and, of course, experience, that allows them to train more skills and spells. The game is a turn-based strategy with fog and ambush mechanism, that forces player to be in a constant move. Otherwise he will be found by many monster forces.

Monument Valley
This is one of the biggest blockbusters this year, with nearly 1 million copies sold. This is the signal for the developers that a game does not have to be in a free-to-play distribution system to achieve a big success. The main character is a young princess, who explores the lands of crow clan. What drives us to play for hours is the gameplay mechanism. Our main task is to find the exit. This is not a straight forward walk from point A to point B. One has to observe the surrounding closely and find his own path.

Autumn Dynasty
This is a game for those who are looking for some good strategy. This is a war RTS production and action takes place in a fantasy land, inspired by the ancient China. The plot focuses on a history of the old empire, which suffers from corruption and inner conflicts. You are a young general whose main goal is to stop the breakdown. Gameplay is based on gathering resources, constructing new buildings, making an army and destroying enemies. The biggest advantage of the game is the player’s interface – it looks like an old map where you mark orders with your fingers.

Wayward Souls
This is a perfect option for those who look for a hard action RPG games. Gameplay aims at slaying hordes of monsters in the dungeons. The player sees the action from the bird’s eye view and the graphic presents retro style. Wayward Souls received the highest number of reviews in 2014. The game is for advanced players only. It takes only a few mistakes and our hero is dead. You make start over , but there is a price to pay – you’ll be a different character with no extra abilities or items.

Drive on Moscow
All productions of Shenandoah studio are noteworthy and use the same game engine. Drive on Moscow takes us to the Eastern Front during the World War II. You can take control of either German or Soviet Army. Each campaign is divided into scenarios. The key to success is to exploit the full potential of the terrain and predict weather conditions.

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Types Of Coin-Operated Game Machines

It’s common to find coin-operated machines and for you to play your favorite game, you only need to identify a machine that has your favorite game, then put in a few coins and you will be able to enjoy minutes or even hours of entertainment.

Due to the lucrative nature of the business, many machines have come up. Some of the common ones are:


The first coin-operated pinball machine was invented in 1931. Although, the early machines didn’t resemble the current ones, they worked in the same principle as today’s.

Many pinball machines have a complex array of LCD lights and electronic scoring. To play a game you need to put a coin in the machine, get a ball, and start playing. You get points every time the ball bounces off an item in the game. When you get many points, you win prizes. For example, you can win a t-shirt or a scarf.

Claw machines

These are common in pizza restaurants, grocery stores, and family restaurants. To play you need to put in a designated amount of money to turn on the machine. Once the machine is on you need to move the joystick to make a claw on a wire move back and forth and side to side.

When you think that you have centered the claw on a price you should push a button in order to drop the claw. If you have centered the claw correctly, it will drop on the prize and grab it. To release the price you need to move the claw to the release slot and drop it.

Slot machines

The first slot machine appeared in San Francisco in the late 1880s where the machine featured card designs. Over time the machines have been upgraded and now the machines have a microprocessor and are computer controlled. It’s also common to find virtual slot machines in online casinos.

Video games

Although, they started from very humble beginnings where Atari created a coin operated video game with Pong, the idea fast grew and it’s now a multi-billion industry. Today’s games have great designs and colors to marvel at. They also come with the ability of allowing many people to play the same game at the same time.

Transformers The Game Assessment

The hugely-successful Transformers movie franchise spawned a series of related games that performed nearly as well as the films; with each generation, many aspects improved. Here is an assessment of the very first, well-received product from High Moon Studios.

Transformers – The Game, the first video game that formed the massive package of advertising that went along with Transformers 2007 live-action film, was supposed to be a huge success from the get-go, with scintillating graphics displayed in the video game trailers.

Marketed as a third-person shooter, it featured a fully-interactive three-dimensional environment that faithfully mimicked the movie plot. Players could choose either the Autobot or Decepticon campaign, with each one beginning just like Transformers 2007; Bumblebee saving Sam, or Blackout destroying the military airbase.

Transformers – The Game, however, suffered from a few serious flaws – although it was still a fun game, as long as you ignored the missions and just blew stuff up. Not for that price though. As can be expected, the Decepticon missions were a lot more fun, mostly due to the sheer power that the evil robots wielded – which is rather like the situation in “real” life.

Streaming through well-drawn, but poorly-lighted environments in repetitive cities can get tiresome for the goal-oriented player. After all, just because graphics are beautiful, doesn’t mean we want to see the same ones every other level.

Optimus Prime and other mighty robots weren’t allowed to do much, which was puzzling until the realization hits you that the programming and time investment to make this better simply wasn’t necessary; you have the game, after all.

Even when you had some seriously destructive weapons, the game designers decided to make them useless against Decepticons, so you’re only chance to see them in action was to skip a mission and just go off on your own and blow up trees and cars. It could be satisfying… for a little while.

Basically, it seemed as though Transformers: The Game suffered from precisely the same thing as all the movies suffered from: they didn’t have to concern themselves too much with creativity and plot strength because, hey, it’s the Robots, Themselves, and with such a strong fan base, everyone’s going to come and see it anyway.

Other than this line of reasoning, there is little excuse for the failure of the physics engine to do things right – chalk this up to rushed programming – when there are comparable games out there that pretty much get it right.

Unfortunately, although the game was capable of providing entertainment in a pure, mindless environmental shoot-whatever-you-see mode, this makes it little different from some Atari game or other, except for the visuals. It looks like Activision and crew chose advertising over quality this time around